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    Course Title Level Credits Accreditation    
    Essentials of Training Delivery (Level 2) 2 2 OCN Credit4Learning    
 Details Overall Learning Aims Topics Covered
    Duration Approx. 16 hours   Build knowledge of learning theories, responsibilities and legislation
  Deliver effective, motivating presentations that maximise learning
  Assess learners using various methods and tools
  Learning Styles and Models
  The Teaching / Training Cycle
  Roles and Responsibilities
  Safeguarding Learners
  Equality and Diversity
  Ground Rules
  Icebreakers and energisers
  The Learning Environment
  Presentation Skills
  Assessing Learning
    Format Online or Classroom    
    Certificate PDF or Printed    
    Assessment Various    
    Standard(s) N/A    
Course Summary
    This course provides the learner with an understanding of the training cycle, how to appeal to different learning styles and how to deliver a motivating presentation as well as assess learning. Pitched in a context suitable for both corporate trainers as well as tutors, lecturers or anyone involved in adult learning.

Ideal for those new to training delivery not involved in the full process such as design and evaluation. Also, an essential course for those who train employees as an additional duty alongside their own role such as team leaders, supervisors and managers. Suitable for those with no prior knowledge.

Comprising of 4 units, each containing several modules, this course is available online as self study taking around 15 hours of study (with 12 months to complete). A classroom version of this course is available for delivery in house over 2-3 days.
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